The main branch of our company is situated in Teresin. It includes innovative poultry houses for table egg production. An integral part of the farm is a grading station with a packing facility, a store and a cold store. At the end of 2009, thanks to the funding from the Regional Operational Programme of Lodz Voivodeship for the years 2007 – 2013, we purchased an automatic grading machine MOBA Omnia XF 330. This innovative production line allows classifying, grading, labelling, disinfecting and packing eggs. The machine is equipped with extremely sensitive detectors, it verifies the strength of the eggs, eliminates dirty eggs, checks, leakers and bloody whites. Thanks to the use of UV light, the eggs are free from bacteria and microorganisms. The company office is also in Teresin. Suflidowo employs qualified administration, accounting, logistics, marketing and sales experts. They take care of efficient customer service, win new customers and build the company image. Also our logistics and distribution centre is in Teresin. Our own cars and a group of experienced drivers guarantee delivery on time and efficient customer service.